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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Batiks and the Circle of Nine

Dar also worked with the star shape but she took the time to add the 4 patch in the corners, which gave it a totally different look.. I took this photo while she had it laid out on the floor.

We put it on a design wall and you can see the subtle changes from just turning the spacer blocks.

Everyone had an opinion and it was interesting how just turning an out side block or the inside spacers could change the whole arrangement of the quilt.

I found Janet's journey in quilting inspirational. She has many talents and I am sure there will be more books in the future. But for now, this one could keep me very busy.. I am sure I have more blocks some where in my stash, to make another Circle of Nine,, but first I had better finish mine,, which I am calling Paducah Nine.. since I bought the fabric in Paducah...
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