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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Yarns, Knits and Texture

Wow, Picasa and Blogger are speaking again, and so am I with enthusiasm. Went to the Best of the Valley Quilt Show, and besides the wonderful quilts, which I will address later.

There were some beautiful boxes of yarns for sale. Love the texture and the color. Looks so cuddly.

I am on my way out and just on the off chance that my photos on Blogger were working again.. I stopped by the computer. Why is there such a draw to recheck messages every time I pass...

Thankfully, the studio and the computer are at opposite ends of the house. Off to see Kathleen Mattox do a demonstration of her art for Yos. Western Artists and a Pot luck meeting.. hubby is down trying to clear some of the branches after the rain storm that took out oak trees all over the mountains.
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