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Monday, April 18, 2011

Timberline Gallery- Jacqueline Kurtt

Jacqueline is one of my buddies at Timberline,, we have known each other for many years... I love her weaving's.. Look at the wonderful color and texture.

Her studio is a dream of all sorts of ideas.. Any artistic endeavor you might want to try is in there. Yarns hang from the ceiling and paints, beads, threads all have their own little drawers.. and are easy to find.

When ever I have a question about painting, or a different type of dyeing on fabric Jacqueline is who I call. I have been trying to get together with her regarding an idea I have for a wearable item... Guess we just have to set a special date to play..we keep getting side tracked.. Important lesson,,, make play dates with artist friends.
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