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Monday, April 18, 2011

Postmarkd'art, Theme : Earth

The theme for this challenging post card, is Earth.. I really struggled a bit with this one. Then thought of how I feel when I see the rows of dirt plowed ready to plant.. I would just love to run through the fields in bare feet... Feel the earth squish between my toes.

I was thinking brown for dirt and blue for the water, as I progressed with the tearing into strips, some Orange started to appear, and I changed from Clear poly thread to a variegated thread, maybe those are little weeds, maybe the sprouting of flowers.

It is easier now that we have changed the rules to send out six postcards for each theme.. Now, that Picasa and Blogger are talking I can start to show some of my newer photos... These Postcards go out in the mail tomorrow.. Dead line for this group of postcards is the end of the month.. Where does the time go??? Having fun!
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