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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Play Day At Joan Constable's Studio

Art Play days are important for many reasons. #1, artists need to get out of their art space and chat with other artists.. Also play in some one else's medium, a few among many other reasons...

The subjects we chatted about were varied, art, family, art shows, art hops, home studio tours, and learning to take time for our selves and family... Today we did not talk about the book we are reading, "12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women".. we are on Chapter 8, Selecting Empowering Partnerships and Alliances.. wow, that is a mouth full.

We are saving that for our next monthly meeting in May. We have made a commitment to meet once a month at each others home. And the last few meetings we decided that it would be fun if we took turns playing in the others studio, working in their medium.. Some times it can be a bit frustrating.

Today, I was pretty relaxed and just enjoyed tearing colored paper and gluing it down.. Joan was our leader, she is an artist and teacher in the mountain area. One of her mediums, is working with tissue paper but she can work with all mediums from creating murals in down town North Fork, to painting small pieces in oil, and portraits. She is very neat, and her supplies are wonderfully organized.. As she showed us bags of colored tissue, all in order, handed out the glue, water and brushes..

I came home relaxed and sorry that the rest of the gals could not make it to our Play Day.
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