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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Mushrooms, Blogger, Picasa

Here is hoping that this photo of a mushroom goes with my notations of the day.. Guess Not

I have been having problems with sending photos to my blogs. They just don't show up and I can not pull from any where else.. Hoping that Picasa and Blogger have this issue fixed soon.. Hate being so dependent on an out side source.

But that is what computer, is all about.. transferring control.. Not something I do easily. Another frustration is there is no one to talk to about it.. A friend in Australia is having a similar problem, but not one of my local friends in the U.S. have had an issue. Why me!

Enough of that for the day.. It is raining and snowing again in the mountains.. Quilt guild was canceled for this evening. This is California, with 3, 000ft. hill to get over to the next town. one inch is like a foot in the East.. and we don't have snow tires, or drivers that are used to the white stuff..

Off to the studio to finish putting a facing on my Challenge Quilt.. nice by the wood stove.. Enjoy your day, and stay dry.. Spring is here!

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