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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Anita Stoll -View from Rose Mountain, Timberline Gallery

Anita Stoll is an internationally known Pastel Artist.. Also one of the wonderful artists at Timberline Gallery.. I feel very privileged to be among these extremely creative ladies.. Her pieces have such a glimmer to them, you can almost hear the bugs humming and the breezes blowing across this meadow..

I never tire looking at her pastel art..

Think of the pioneers that have crossed this big wonderful country and what they must have endured, but also the beauty, of untouched nature. Truly awe inspiring.
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Kathleen Mattox, artist at Timberline Gallery

Kathleen recently shared her talents with Yosemite Western Artists, Demonstrating and sharing her artistic talents and how she approaches her art. She inspired all of us to take out paintings that we are not happy with, and try some collage, be wild and have fun.

I love Kathleen's colors and spontaneity. I have her piece Creativity in my bedroom, and it reminds me that each day begins with a creative thought.. It is up to us to enjoy that day and make it colorful. Her work is showing in many venues in Central California and on the net. So be sure to look her up and have a bright cheerful day.
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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Play Day At Joan Constable's Studio

Art Play days are important for many reasons. #1, artists need to get out of their art space and chat with other artists.. Also play in some one else's medium, a few among many other reasons...

The subjects we chatted about were varied, art, family, art shows, art hops, home studio tours, and learning to take time for our selves and family... Today we did not talk about the book we are reading, "12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women".. we are on Chapter 8, Selecting Empowering Partnerships and Alliances.. wow, that is a mouth full.

We are saving that for our next monthly meeting in May. We have made a commitment to meet once a month at each others home. And the last few meetings we decided that it would be fun if we took turns playing in the others studio, working in their medium.. Some times it can be a bit frustrating.

Today, I was pretty relaxed and just enjoyed tearing colored paper and gluing it down.. Joan was our leader, she is an artist and teacher in the mountain area. One of her mediums, is working with tissue paper but she can work with all mediums from creating murals in down town North Fork, to painting small pieces in oil, and portraits. She is very neat, and her supplies are wonderfully organized.. As she showed us bags of colored tissue, all in order, handed out the glue, water and brushes..

I came home relaxed and sorry that the rest of the gals could not make it to our Play Day.
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Monday, April 18, 2011

Julie Mitchell- Timberline Gallery

Another artist friend Julie Mitchell.. Her wonderful Spirit Figures are showing at Timberline Gallery also.. My Muse hangs in my studio just above my work table, and when I am at a lose, I ask her to please help me be more creative, or at least share her ideas with me..

Then I go to bed, and usually sometime during the night ideas float through my head.. The trick is to have a piece of paper near to write down the thoughts..

If you fall in love with one of Julie's Spirit Figures, better get up to the Gallery quick.. Her jewelry and dolls sell fast.
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Timberline Gallery- Jacqueline Kurtt

Jacqueline is one of my buddies at Timberline,, we have known each other for many years... I love her weaving's.. Look at the wonderful color and texture.

Her studio is a dream of all sorts of ideas.. Any artistic endeavor you might want to try is in there. Yarns hang from the ceiling and paints, beads, threads all have their own little drawers.. and are easy to find.

When ever I have a question about painting, or a different type of dyeing on fabric Jacqueline is who I call. I have been trying to get together with her regarding an idea I have for a wearable item... Guess we just have to set a special date to play..we keep getting side tracked.. Important lesson,,, make play dates with artist friends.
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Timberline Gallery- Oakhurst Ca.

I finally got my act together and joined my artist friends and was juried into Timberline Gallery.

Timberline is a Co-Op Gallery, where the artists sit one day a month and run the gallery as a group. I feel pleased that they opened their arms to me. Usually, this sort of gallery is primarily watercolor, pastel, and oil paintings..
Timberline is different,, we have gourds, fiber art, weaving's, spirit figure dolls, ceramics, and I am probably forgetting something, oh, yes, and jewelry... We have just accepted 3 wonderful photographers.. So be sure and stop in when you are in Oakhurst. The gallery is located in Gallery Row, on your way to Yosemite National Park.
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Postmarkd'art, Theme : Earth

The theme for this challenging post card, is Earth.. I really struggled a bit with this one. Then thought of how I feel when I see the rows of dirt plowed ready to plant.. I would just love to run through the fields in bare feet... Feel the earth squish between my toes.

I was thinking brown for dirt and blue for the water, as I progressed with the tearing into strips, some Orange started to appear, and I changed from Clear poly thread to a variegated thread, maybe those are little weeds, maybe the sprouting of flowers.

It is easier now that we have changed the rules to send out six postcards for each theme.. Now, that Picasa and Blogger are talking I can start to show some of my newer photos... These Postcards go out in the mail tomorrow.. Dead line for this group of postcards is the end of the month.. Where does the time go??? Having fun!
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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Yarns, Knits and Texture

Wow, Picasa and Blogger are speaking again, and so am I with enthusiasm. Went to the Best of the Valley Quilt Show, and besides the wonderful quilts, which I will address later.

There were some beautiful boxes of yarns for sale. Love the texture and the color. Looks so cuddly.

I am on my way out and just on the off chance that my photos on Blogger were working again.. I stopped by the computer. Why is there such a draw to recheck messages every time I pass...

Thankfully, the studio and the computer are at opposite ends of the house. Off to see Kathleen Mattox do a demonstration of her art for Yos. Western Artists and a Pot luck meeting.. hubby is down trying to clear some of the branches after the rain storm that took out oak trees all over the mountains.
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Monday, April 11, 2011

Mushroom Marterialized

This really looks like a pair of ears on a stump.. This is a test to see if my Blogger Photos from Picasa continue to sprout up! Well, It did not, but I might have found a way around it.

Amazing what turns up when walking after a rain.. Maybe this is how challenges express themselves.. suddenly without warning.. Now, I will use my magic wand and see if it shows up on my Blog???

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Mushrooms, Blogger, Picasa

Here is hoping that this photo of a mushroom goes with my notations of the day.. Guess Not

I have been having problems with sending photos to my blogs. They just don't show up and I can not pull from any where else.. Hoping that Picasa and Blogger have this issue fixed soon.. Hate being so dependent on an out side source.

But that is what computer, is all about.. transferring control.. Not something I do easily. Another frustration is there is no one to talk to about it.. A friend in Australia is having a similar problem, but not one of my local friends in the U.S. have had an issue. Why me!

Enough of that for the day.. It is raining and snowing again in the mountains.. Quilt guild was canceled for this evening. This is California, with 3, 000ft. hill to get over to the next town. one inch is like a foot in the East.. and we don't have snow tires, or drivers that are used to the white stuff..

Off to the studio to finish putting a facing on my Challenge Quilt.. nice by the wood stove.. Enjoy your day, and stay dry.. Spring is here!
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