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Monday, March 21, 2011

Yoyo's Gather in March

March is a beautiful month in the mountains, wild flowers are starting, and we had a rainless day for the monthly gathering of YoYo's
Myra brought a quilt that has been pieced together at her house, love the colors. It is a big Queen Size.

Nancy and Kathy are showing off that they have finished their Challenge Pieces, Sounds of the Sierra's . They both were thinking birds.. I need to get busy with mine.. have to turn them in soon, or at least the paper work.
Each Circle is putting together a basket to be raffled off. Ours is a garden basket, a few of the goodies are a cuddle quilt, garden tools,
a hat to match the quilt, a quilted journal, and knitted squirrel... the kind that does not dig holes! And lots of surprises.. Come to the Mountains May 14th & 15th... going to be fun!
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