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Friday, March 25, 2011

Spring Wonderland 2011

I am always amazed by the power of water. Living on the Fresno River, we see nature at it's finest, and most powerful. We were finally able to cross to our "island" by laying down some boards and walking over the deeper water areas. See more photos on Riverwind blog.

My camera is pointed toward the mountain area. My husband Ralph is standing on part of the land that is left after the water gouged out big chunks of dirt, we hope it fills with gravel naturally... and gold??? We lost about 60 ft of land.. it used to continue to the large rock you see in the distance.
Viewing the rock from here, it looks very gentle, but it isn't. It rained again most of the night and the river is up. That rock can barely be seen.. and no land is showing now. We have blue skies and fluffy clouds, so calm is returning. The geese are in love with all that vegetation that has been brought up and are enjoying munching on tidbits. The sad part is the trees we lost and will loose in the near future. Change is so prevalent. Some days we don't notice change and then it comes crashing into our lives. Enjoy the peaceful calm days, so that you are prepared for the changes. Gratitude again for all that is.
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