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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Spring is here. But where is Picassa

PHOTO OF DIRT... See It???
Thanks to some glitch with Goggle, my photos are not coming through.

Yes, this is a pile of weeds in dirt.. Once had some wood around it that rotted.. Last year I did not have time to corral Ralph and work on the Veggie spot, not garden, but spot.. and besides I goofed and put it over the septic. Not a major issue, unless, you have to drain it..
So yesterday, both of us home at the same time. Ralph built the boxes with screening on the bottom to keep out the gophers, we cleared a new area, and a partly completed with 2 places to plant..
We had found the picket fencing at a garage sale and it will cover the area that faces the street, and leave the back section open for me to plant, and oh, yes, weed.. If you look close we have chicken wire on the top, because this is not a wonderful new cat box..
I love silly flamingos, just because some people hate these plastic birds,,, I get a laugh out of them.. The bag of wood chips only covered this small area.

Took a hot shower and relaxed in from of the T.V. last night. This morning I can hardly walk, even the dog is moving slow... Thankfully, I had planned a day in the studio to work on the Challenge Quilt... but even that means moving the body..I could say, I need to do this more often.. and maybe I will not hurt so much... but today, I am passing on that chore. Enjoy the sun!

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