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Monday, March 21, 2011

Sisters 7, Gather to Play with Soft Pastels

I have never played with soft pastels. What fun, Anita Stoll was such a sport to share her pastels, paper, and lots of baby wipes for me.. I just could not keep my hands off of the paper, and wore most of it home.
Anita sharing ideas, and how one usually lays down the color with pastels..

Anita in her beautiful clean studio. Her art is amazing and so beautiful. I got lost in looking around.. I have not looked at what I did since I came home.. some fear. I find that what I have in my mind does not get on the paper, maybe that is why painting is a frustrating process for me.. I love it, but frustrating..
Kathleen Mattox, took off as usual in her own special style... does not matter what media, it comes out with bright colors and exciting thoughts.. Did not get a photo of Julie's, or Sheila's... or mine for that matter.. I will peek at mine and see if it is worth taking a photo of it.
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