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Monday, March 7, 2011

Amazing, a photo- Gratitude

It is magic! I have been frustrated to the MaX.... what is a blog with out a photo? Suddenly, around the 25th of last month. I could not get a photo on my blog,, words yes, but that failed me in my moment of frustration. I took my computer to my guru's of computer, we checked Google, Picasa, their Help, that was not a help, still no photos. A friend said she heard that "they" in the outer limits were having an "issue". Well, so was I... I have photos I want to share... A long list of WHY"s come to mind, like why me or my computer, or was it.

Did I get more things done in the house, the studio, the yard with all the time that I could not blog? No, the stack of papers on my desk, look the same, the projects in the studio are still there.
And the weeds are growing.

Does the computer share that big a part of our life? Do I have such a long list of friends that check this blog? Will they miss me? Wonder where I am? There is always the telephone... But I use that less and less.

Now, that I am this far, will it actually post? Did the electricity going out this morning reset the whole universe? So many questions and no answers,,,

Little issues that seem so big at the time. I am so Grateful for the little things that turn out to be a JOY. Enjoy your day!
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