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Friday, February 11, 2011

Sketch Book "Purse", Journaling

I took my sketch book with me, along with pens, paper, and brushes, some watercolor crayons etc.. Did I work with them?.. no, the week went too fast.. some excuse.. BUT I did make a "purse" to carry them in and keep them organized. The main area holds the big things, a smaller pocket in the front, which is hard to see, holds my brushes and pens.. A flap covers the whole area, and a strap to hang it over my shoulder.. Just need a glass of water and I am all set to sketch and paint. That was one thing I did finish at camp...
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  1. Vivian I know I am way late in commenting, but in case you haven't discovered them since blogging this!
    Derwent, as well as other companies now sell a H2O pen, It's like a fountain pen but incorporating a brush instead of a nib.You have a choice of brush thickness, I LOVE them!


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