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Friday, February 11, 2011

Quilt Camp 2011

Quilt Camp is a very special place.. This year I thought I would take some photos of what I packed. A week to do what ever quilt I feel like working on. Oh, what will I bring???.. Well I included 4 projects and knitting.. just in case.. Hand work, strip sewing, and the fear of not having the right things makes me think about all the projects left behind, that I might find time for..
Karen and I usually sit together, sometimes we even mark the half way point.. I say that in jest, we have quilted next to each other for over 14 years..and know when we spread out too much..we just push the other person back to their side...and laugh
Karen, Gail and I room together and we always make some little gift for each other.. This year Karen made each of us these wonderful rugs to put next to our bunks. Mine is now next to my bed at home. Love the colors, went perfectly with the quilt I always bring.
Gail made us project bags.. wonderful idea also.. and I have lots of pieces to put in there! I showed what I took in a previous blog.

We had a marvelous time during the week, great meals, lots of quilting and friendships enjoyed for another year, wow, time passes so fast!.. Karen and I came home with terrible colds,, so that is why I have not been on the net.. Trying to get well and to catch up. I had so much planned, and this has really slowed me down!
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