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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Vision Boards Jan 1, 2011

My friend Joyce sent out an invitation to get together to create Vision Boards on New Years Day.. Sadly the weather prevented many of us from attending, and it had to be canceled.. Julie Mitchell, who lives near me and I decided we could spend a few hours at my house cutting, tearing and pasteing. I have read about the boards for years and believe in the power of positive thinking. So maybe this year I can accomplish more by envisioning the opportunities and being open to them.
We had a fun time in my studio, with the heater on.. Out side there was a light rain, but we had our boards almost complete by the time she had to leave.. Julie is going to add some of her figures and a photo of herself.. Mine is so cluttered with cuttings I am not sure where I would put me.. Is that telling me something? Look at the bold "Yes",,, and I had said something about learning the word "No" when asked to volunteer for projects this year..

Guess I still want to do it all.. Time for another New Years Resolution.... Exercise, lose weight, stay in the studio, create and learn more on the computer... and the list goes on... Happy New Years!
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  1. Happy New Year to you Vivian! Thank you for all you have shared during this past year... I will look forward to seeing what creative things you accomplish in 2011!

  2. Vivian ... love seeing the vision collage in process. Hope yours continues to speak to you and lead you onto an ever more joyful path of creativity.

  3. We had fun...good share the first day of 2011 creating with you...hug, hug


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