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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Stitchers Garden # 5

This is really a fun class, learning all about the feet for my sewing machine. But as usual I am a bit behind on "homework". So I am rushing, and after putting the squares together, and ironing the batting to the back, I rushed to iron on the flowers.. and guess what, I forgot to "quilt" the back ground.
Well, where there is the will there is a way.. and you know this block has to be the one with more small pieces then any of the others.. One way to remember for next time is to goof,, will not forget that step again. I marked off the lines, and then just where I came to the leaves and flowers, I dragged the thread across, it will be anchored when adding the decorative stitching.
Remember only takes a moment to reread the instructions..
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