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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Paper Pieced Decorative Check book cover

I am having such fun with English paper piecing, sometimes don't have a project in mind, but I like to keep my hands busy in the evening.. better than desert munching after dinner.

I used some of my hand dyed fabrics for the back ground, here are the paper pieces that I have removed from the fabric. Because the check book will get lots of use, I used my sewing machine and a decorative stitch to attach them to the front of the cover.
Next time I will do a bit more quilting, make it a tad bigger, so that I can top stitch around the edges..
The inside is colorful .. I will write up the pattern.. Doing this was not on my list of to do's for today.. I have a bit of an allergy or the end of a cold.. So I thought this would be an easy project to work on.. not what I should be doing.. ah well, tomorrow is another day.. Some one say dusting the house?
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