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Monday, January 24, 2011

Journaling, Painting, Sketching

I am reading so much about Journaling, which includes writing, drawing, painting and sketching. So many wonderful ideas with paper, yarn, paper towels, nothing goes to waste these days. I had a group of ladies over for making Fabric Paper and we all had so much fun, (Scroll down for that.)..

Not ready to show my start, till I can show you the follow up.. There is so much we can do with simple items around the house.. sometimes it is overwhelming. Potato mashers, yard screening, gravel, on and on.

Several years ago I belonged to the Fresno Fiber Guild and they had Traci Bautista visit and give a two day class. It was like eye candy, and my introduction to experimenting with various types of paper, including sewing , painting, threads, beads, and don't stop there. Any thing goes!

Sometimes I feel this is just an excuse for not throwing anything away.. and thus the items in the studio grow by leaps and bounds..

Walking in our field, I fall in love with every little rock, plant and piece of wood, anything that catches your heart, could be a work of art.. and some day it just might.

My pockets, thankfully, are not that big.. but on occasion they do bulge with found objects.
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