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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Gifties, Zippy Strippy purse

Every year I attend a 1 week Quilt Retreat in the Marin Highlands, Point Bonita.. I will tell more about it at some later date,, because right now I should be packing and getting my "act" together.. I started out wanting to make a little black and white purse for my roomies.. But time marched faster as usual, and I am not great at patience to read directions.. guess I should not admit that.. So the above are the little purses I created. I made them to hold the black and white note pad paper, little scissors, and tape measure.. I hope they enjoy them. We only have 3 in our bedroom... used to be 6, but too long a story to tell now.
This last week I took a class Zippy Strippy,at Cottage Quilts, in Fresno.. I have tons of zippers from my moms sewing basket.. and thought this pattern would be great using them.. I like the way the zipper is set in.. Not that I could not have read the directions, but so much easier to have some one tell you.. The one on the left is Nancy's, and mine is on the right.

When our YoYo group got together recently the discussion came up about what knowledge is there to learn when one has been quilting for eons.. And do we really need to take any more classes.. I said I always learn something new at a class.. No matter how basic,, might be something I had forgotten, or am sloppy about, a new way of approaching some stitching.. a new design etc..

So I must say with this simple little purse.. I learned a different way to set in a zipper, no fear about cutting one apart, how to use the zipper foot on my Pfaff, and the list goes on.. We can always learn something new.. and the best part is having fun with friends, and making new ones..

Carolyn and David at Cottage Quilts, were great about checking/ cleaning my sewing machines. My greatest fear is that I get to camp and they break down.. Yes, I have some knitting, hand work, English Paper Piecing, Embroidery and all sorts of piecing, and machine embroidery. Is that the fear of having nothing to do.. Thankfully, I ride with a friend..and we have room.. More about that some other time! I think this is my 12 th. year...Great way to start a New Year, with enthusiasm, and goals..
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