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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Fabric Paper- Sisters 7=4

A fun day was had by all 4 of "Sisters 7",, due to circumstances 3 could not make it that day. Julie, Kathleen, Vivian, and the unseen photographer Anita were present to discuss the book, "The 12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women"

We had a lively discussion related to Chapter 5.. Committing to Self- Focus. The reading is a catalyst to discussions on how we sabotage our selves by procrastinating for various reasons about putting our art work first.

We had a salad luncheon, and went on to make fabric paper.. Kathleen, is very good at pre-planning what she would like to see, Julie also had her idea set.. and Anita, made white on white using white rice paper. I tore random paper, will show mine later, when I take a photo.. It will be fun to see how we incorporate the fabric paper into our art work.

I was browsing through a variety of sites today and came upon one on Sketch books and was fascinated by the variety of ideas, and people from all over the world that are participating..

It is different from the Sketch book Challenge I am observing here in the States.. Yes, procrastinating about participating.. But fascinated by the wonderful artists and their sharing.
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