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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Rivers Up

We live on the Fresno River, in Calif. Most of the year it is dry or only a little water runs down it.. We have had rain now for several days, and it is a rushing torrent. Our neighbors fence is coming down and we are hoping ours holds strong.

Amidst all the fury of the water there is amazing beauty also.. Moss on the rocks is beautiful, looks so soft to touch.
Even the dirty foam from the roads makes an interesting pattern against the shore.
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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Socks

May your Christmas be as warm and cozy as these Christmas socks.. Wishing all of you a wonderful, Prosperous, Healthy, Happy, Christmas Celebration.

I have been busy knitting up cowls. Very addicting,, just one more row, and one hour later, or two hours later, I am still at it.. They are warm and delightful around my neck. I thank my friend Myra for introducing them to me.. I can wear mine in the studio, without getting the ends in a pot of paint.. Some of my scarfs have been more like paint brushes, and not a very controlled one, as they dipped and splattered all over.

Sorry I don't have a photo.. They really only look like a pile of knitting when they are finished, till you put them on.. If you want the directions let me know.. would love to share it with you,, very easy!!!
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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Circle of Nine Quilt Book

It is so exciting when we know someone that has taken the time, worked hard and has success.

Janet Houts is a dear friend and a member of our YoYo Quilt circle, even though she is now living in Idaho. This is a great quilt book to add to your collection, and every quilt is unique. You can read all about Janet and her sister Jean Ann, and how they managed to put this inspiring book together, each living in the far reaches of the U.S.

They will be traveling the States teaching this coming year.. I can't wait till she gives a class here in the mountains.
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Monday, December 20, 2010

Water color painting, this and that

Several months ago I was at a Kathleen's retreat.. It was fun to have my watercolors to play with again.. We were also gluing all sorts of pits of colored paper. Years ago I did a series of paintings with rice paper. I enjoyed the day.

It is still raining, but the river is going down a bit and we could cross to our "island".. It is amazing to watch the strength of water as it flows by. The size of the logs that just zip past are unbelievable.. One is stuck in the rocks it must be at least 15 ft long and about 3 ft around.. unfortunately at this time we can not get to it,, would like to have it for firewood.. maybe it will be there if the river does not rise again to that height.

We stopped in Oakhurst for errands and more yarn... and had lunch at the Chinese Rest. and will have left overs for dinner. I was cleaning out my wallet when I found other Chinese cookie sayings: "Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire".., "When in doubt, let your instincts guide you".. Very true, We just need to listen. "Your clever mind will lead you to many rewards." Hey , I agree with that one ! And I love this one, " You'll accomplish more later if you have a little fun this week-end." I really like that one,, just purchased some yarn while in town, might just relax in front of the fire, and knit another cowl.. Hope you are enjoying your week-end or the one coming up..
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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Rio's bag

It is raining out, and 7 AM, dark... Went to my studio to look through and clean up so I could do some work.. Came across the "Doggy Bag"directions from Quilts and More Fall 2010.

I had just dumped the food for our dog Wolfee into a container, and saw this dog image on the bag. Perfect for Rio, our friend Jean's Search and Rescue dog.. It was fun.. I did add a few things like duck tape to cover the inside stitching for the polyester webbing. I thought with the bigger stitches, that might be a weak spot.. Jean will get the directions also,, this is a one time creation.

Not that is was not fun, or a great idea.. but I have a stack of great ideas sitting on the work table.. and need to sort!
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Friday, December 17, 2010

A Foggy Day in London Town.. oh, no Coarsegold

Yes, it is that time of year when the Tully fog comes into the valley, and then wanders through to the mountains.. I was thinking Haiku from my friend Maureen.... Fog seeps, between the trees, and all is quiet, whisper now..
Almost Christmas!!! Enjoy
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Haiku - Fabic Sings

I visited a dear friend Maureen's site and she is into Haiku's, if you can write that word in plural..My YoYo Quilting Group had a challenge a few years ago, to write a Haiku, together, pick a challenge fabric and make the piece a workable size.
Fabric Sings as
Loving Hands
Make Joyful Creations
Laughing YoYo's.
I was able to experiment with a variety of techniques, and also add lots of embellishments. It was a very rewarding challenge.
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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

P.E.O. meeting at the Coarsegold Historic Museum

It was a beautiful day, with blue skies. Our P.E.O. speaker told us about the Coarsegold and Yosemite area Indian History. Kay Good introduced Karen Morris. Karen spoke about her Regalia, which she made, herself, and shared some of the personal Chuckchansi Indian heritage.
The Picayune school was a gathering place for many of the Chuckchansi and Non Indian Children of the area. It was used from 1913 till 1956. Now, thanks to Chuckchansi giving us a Grant, the Museum was able to redo the inside, and is used as a meeting place for many groups in the local area. Donations are always welcome.
Karen's Regalia is in the style of a Northern Traditional Dancer. The colors are the colors of the medicine wheel. She picked them for their healing properties. The diamond pattern started when she made the beaded collar. The local tribes are the Chuckchansi, Mono, from the North Fork area, Big Sand, Cold Springs, Dunlap, Southern Sierra Miwok, and Dumna. There are Chukchansi and Mono at Table Mountain, Goshowu, Chowchillas, Pitcachees, and the Tahi Yokuts are down in the Lemoore area.

The history of this area is amazing. We are blessed to have volunteers like Karen and her husband that contribute to the education with their sharing of knowledge. The Cedar building is what was used in the mountain area by the Indians.. We will be constructing a Willow hut, which was used at the lower, warmer elevations. Stop by the Coarsegold Historic Museum, to see more of the local history and the 19th Century packed adobe way Station.
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Holiday Craft Shows

This was a set up at the local Medical Building for one morning.. I thought I would participate and see what it was like.. The ladies enjoyed looking but most seemed to be wanting children's items..
Met some lovely ladies and loaned extra table cloth to a delightful Japanese lady that was showing her beautiful hand crochet doilies.. they are amazing.. and she folded some beautiful Origami birds, made from Japanese paper that she brings back to the States.. She spends 6 months a year in Japan, her English is very good, and she thanked us for helping her practice. She said she is almost 80 years old, never would have guessed.. She gave me 5 of the beautiful birds, which I strung to hang in my studio.. A delightful day, and I got some hand work done..
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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

More Tea and YoYo's

Last year we decided that we would not give gifts at Christmas, we all have enough goodies, however, Polly and Peggy, do not behave. These darling little clowns were given to us by Polly, and added to the Poinsettia for the table decoration. They were delightful and yes, we all took them home.
Isn't this a beautiful plate of food, oh, yes, and healthy.. I had the 1/2 egg salad sandwich, and garden salad.. It was delicious!
Ok, here is the gang,, left to right, me, Myra, Nancy, Kathy, with a K, Polly, Peggy, and Cathy sitting.. Cathy drives at least one hour to visit our YoYo Circle once a month from where they moved to in Visalia.. That is dedication and true friendship! Our Janet is missing and enjoying skiing at her home in Idaho..
Peggy's idea that I should be peeking from behind a curtain.. Kathy and I had a discussion on "what if "we used the beautiful decorative curtains as a screen for printing on fabric, nice lacy fabric.. Should stop by some of the Thrift stores and see if they have any donated curtains.. another project for the list!
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Tea Time, at Time for Tea

Santa was watching over us at every corner, what a fun place to eat and shop at.
No, we did not wear our hats.. but these were lovely for the right person. I did put a red vest on, however.
I am sure Santa will be coming and stopping at this fireplace.. you can sort of see me in the mirror taking the photo.. The dress is on loan from the Wild Women Museum up highway 41.. Stop there for the holidays also.
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Time for Tea- Christmas time

It does not have to be a Christmas gathering for our YOYO' Circle to gather at the Time for Tea- Tea house in Oakhurst. But that is what we did yesterday. It was a glorious sunny day, and I just could not stop taking photos of the occasion.
The decorations are lovely, and it is a great spot to go shopping. Several of the ladies purchased stocking gifts for family.
The variety of Tea cups, tea pots, and teas are amazing.. I was the only hold out on ordering tea..I could not decide, so back to my usual Sierra Mist.. ok, so I was thirsty, and ladies should sip tea with their pinkies in the air.. Every pot did smell very inviting.
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Monday, December 6, 2010

Hearts & Quilts

I was wandering around my friend Kathleen's home and found this beautiful heart hanging in her cupboard.. I have shown you other photos of Kathleen's home, it is a photographers delight..The background here, reminded me of quilts and quilting designs.

The other evening we had our SMQA Quilt Christmas Dinner. We had veggie soup, bread and cake for dessert. Sound funny? Well, with it went a donation to Manna House for over $700.00.

Everyone that came to the dinner donated what they could and it all added up. We had a representative from Manna House Oakhurst along with a gentleman from the Wood Workers group that showed us the little wooden baby doll cradles they had constructed as Christmas Gifts. 6 Guilds were invited to make the little quilts and they had over 600 donated, along with pillow cases and of course, dolls were also donated. We were given two as a thank you, and we will have it for raffle at our Quilt Show in May..They are beautiful and would delight any little girl.

After the dinner we had a game called a Christmas Carol Test.. Well the word "test" ended it for me, but it was great fun.. Can you guess what these are? "Quadruped with crimson proboscis", " Tintinnabulation", or "Small juvenile thumping", and these were the easy ones.
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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Another Christmas thought

Every Year the Service Organization of the Sierras, S.O.S. for short, puts on their Christmas Boutique, luncheon and raffle. The Room is filled with chatting ladies, and I can not leave out the brave men, lots of donated raffle gifts and Christmas Cheer. I love having these Yule logs on my table, these ladies make much better bows than I could. S.O.S, makes items all year long in preparation for this event.

Monies are used for Scholarships, Teacher Mini Grants, Heartland, Malco Adult Literacy, the local Library, Hospice, and many other groups that need assistance with funds. Near St. Patrick's Day, the group has another fund Raiser, with a Bingo Bash..

Living in a small rural area, you really notice that it is the community and people that have to take care of each other. Coming from a larger city area, I sure feel like people make a real difference. Caring does not get lost with the glitter of the season.
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Mike Huckabee in Fresno!

Just as we were leaving Sam's Club, this huge bus drove up.. Did not stay around to see him because we had errands to do, and really did not need to buy the children's book he wrote.. but sure was fun to know that Fresno is on the Stop List.. In retrospect we should have stayed just to meet him. I hate crowds so Missed opportunity!
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T'is the Season

Snow, and Christmas time,, they go together, except if you live in Australia, and New Zealand, as some of my friends do. In Calif. there have been many times that it has been hot with lots of sun on Christmas day.. Just depends on where you live.
But any where it is the joy of the season. Preparing to see friends and family, write Christmas letters,, I am late again, need to start writing, but what should the topic be this year.. I could just reprint last years.. Is it memories we cherish, or are we just trying to remember what we did that year.
Have you seen these wonderful Polar Bear Poinsettias. We were purchasing planting mix, plants, and bug spray at Home Depot and saw these wonderful flowers.. Share some with some one close.

Then off to the W, store.. hope that is not a bad word for some of you.. but wanted some FUN Christmas socks and also needed cat food for the 7 cats who are eating more food in the winter, because the rodents are warm in their nests. We also meandered through the Mall, something we usually don't do, but wanted to see the I Pad by Mac.. oh, to have some disposable income.. Maybe it is a good thing we don't, because that would be one more thing to take care of. More fun on the lap top..
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Windows, an Austrian window display

Recently I was making a fabric postcard, theme, Windows for my exchange group.. While looking through the photos I remembered taking this one in Austria, and thought I would share it with you.. Hope it brings you a giggle on a rainy day.
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