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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Close-up of the Mountain Picnic Class

Not everyone made it to class on the final evening, but I took a couple of photos of the gals and their quilts.
We had a wonderful variety of colors and placement. This is a great project for scrap quilters, a perfect technique for quick gifts.
And just enough hand work to be able to sit and enjoy in front of the T.V. or while waiting in the car, or a Dr. office.
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Mountain Picnic Class Finished

Several months ago Kathy and I gave the Mountain Picnic Quilt Class for Adult Ed. Long story but the short is we had a wonderful group of ladies and a variety of colors chosen gave each quilt their own style.. Kathy and I designed the quilt with English Paper Piecing, piecing and then taught all the steps to completion of the quilt.. We had beginners and experienced quilters.. We encouraged the ladies to share their personal techniques also, so that the gals had a chance to learn other methods.

Placement of the Paper Pieced blocks was up to each student, as was color.. Each lady could add with beads, buttons and YoYo's.

Not all the ladies were in attendance that night. This is a wonderful sample of the variety. We encouraged ladies to pick from their fabric stash. Stash must have a bunny in there, because there never seems to be an end to the supply, thankfully!

I wished I had a better photo, this was taken at the guild meeting and did not want to disturb the whole group who were watching Show and Tell.
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Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving, a time to Share

Yes, the turkey came to dinner. We had all the trimmings along with the enjoyment of Jean our neighbor, friend and Search and Rescue volunteer. There were no call outs, so everyone must be safe at home or with friends and family.
Weather here is perfect, blue skies, crisp air and we are filled with Gratitude..
Hope your holiday week-end is as perfect.
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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Silly hair do's

I was wondering what would happen if I scanned this Birthday card,, it changes the hair as one moves the card from side to side.. Scanning it shows all the hair fashions at one time.. very strange..!!
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Strange happenings, Mystery Card

Yes, it was my birthday,, but who is counting, certainly not me.. My husband and I decided to go to IMAX and see Harry Potter. We had never been and were pleasantly surprised, especially, that we were not blown out of the theater by the sound and music. Harry Potter was a good film to see in this theater..

And, of course, because "town" is at best 30+ miles down the mountain, we had to stop at Joanne's to use the coupon.. I was looking for a container to put quilts blocks in from a class I am taking monthly.. more about that some other time.. Instead of all the clear ones there are now pink and blue ones.. so for fun, I picked one that was on top and pink. Did not look inside of it.. Did not care about that part..
Came home and a couple of days later I opened the bag and took out the container, and opened it.. Laying in there was an unsigned Birthday card.. My husband swears he did not do this as a surprise,, after all I did charge it on my credit card.. The card is very cute, the hair design changes with the light.. Strange happenings..
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Monday, November 22, 2010

English Paper Piecing- pink Yosemeti sweat jacket.

I was not sure what order to put the photos in.. but decided to show the end result first.. I am selling English Paper Piecing products and want to make some easy projects that spark the imagination. When I saw this pink hooded zippered jacket at CVS on Sale, I thought at first I have enough of those and then it came to me.. decorate for the season,, ok, so it is not red.. But I do live near Yosemite and I had coupons from CVS.. so what better then to make a few hexagons to spruce it up..
Speaking of Spruce, I guess if it were the holiday colors I could have put trees on it, maybe next time. I love these zippered fronts.. I have the paper hexagon shapes and looked through my stash, thinking flowers. The shapes are hand sewn together, while watching T.V. Less calories when not eating and sewing. When complete, I pressed them after spraying with Best Press then took out the papers to reuse later. I put Wonder Under on the wrong side, trimmed away the excess and ironed the pieces in place on the shirt.
Layering, of course, the leaves down first and then the flower.. I used the button hole stitch by hand with 2 threads of Embroidery Thread.

I enjoy hand work, connecting with the fabrics, enjoying my stash of Spring Flowers, while a rain storm is blowing out side. This is also a cozy quiet project, while a warm fire is crackling in our wood stove. Would make a delightful gift for the holidays..
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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Water- Source of, Exhibition

"Water Source of" drew a crowd to the Stellar Gallery.. This photo shows both of my pieces, plus the some of the other entries, a variety of the arts, from a beautiful row boat to water dripping down crystals from ice in the ceiling, into a large ceramic bowl with leaves floating in it.. The gourd piece in the corner belongs to my friend Gretchen. The Graphic piece is all hand made ceramic tiles. My wall hanging "Fish and Game" and "35 Cows" were in great company. A fun night was had by all that attended..
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Thursday, November 11, 2010

"35" Head, Water Source of Life

I have 2 very different pieces juried into the Water Show. "35 Head" is in honor of the 35 Head of Cattle lost in the Fresno River several years ago. See the little red dot, it was sold before the show even opened..
I am honored and excited.
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Water Source of Life, Juried Art Show

Water Source of Life is an exhibition of art opening this week-end in Oakhurst. Many of my friends have pieces in this show.
Joyce Wycoff is amazing with digital photography. For those that don't know the process it is exciting and new.. or relatively. For me it is still a mystery. I am now looking at photographs in my albums in another light.. in other words, what can I do with that photograph. Be sure so stop and really look at these amazing pieces.
Judy DeRosa is another story telling artist in our mountain area.. You must visit her site to appreciate her view of life. And understand the meaning of her paintings.. Hope to see you on Saturday.
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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Fall Season

Last night it froze and there was ice on our cars this morning.. Guess Winter is on the way.. Now, to get my Turkey Flag out, must be some where in the closet!

I love the Fall colors, every morning there is a new rainbow of all shades of green, orange, yellows, burgundy and my eucalyptus tree in it's coat of gray for contrast.

A slight breeze and the profusion of color spring into the sky, twisting and turning. Finally coming to land on the earth, making a coating and turning to mulch for the following year.

Isn't Nature an amazing gift... be sure to notice her.
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Kathleen's home, yard and studio

What a wonderful view to have from a working studio, although her whole house is a vision in art.
I did take time to wander around out side and go a little crazy with photos. Isn't digital just so much fun. If you don't like it just delete it.
But I am not going to delete any of these photos.
I was lucky to be there on a perfect day, and the weather out side could not have been better for photography, at least what I was looking for.. Keep your camera at your side.. you never know what you can come across that will be an inspiration for your day. Thank you Kathleen for a delightful week-end.
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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Kathleen's Home

Every corner of Kathleen's Home is a painting waiting to be painted. To say her house is stimulating is not even coming close to the truth.
It is amazing. I really was over whelmed. I did get a little work done, lots of chatting with artists I did not know. Oh, don't want to forget the delightful lunch that Kathleen served also.
I only chose a few spots to take photos, there are so many delightful areas.. I will show those later, after a play day again today.. and I had better get ready!
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My Friend Kathleen

Yesterday, I had the pleasure to attend a day retreat at my friend and artist Kathleen's home in Sanger. About 20 artists gathered there to "play". Some doing their own art, others experimenting with new mediums. Kathleen's home is a picture at every corner. She gave me permission to take some photos.
Her sleeping cat was present to greet us.. I forgot to take a photo of her darling dog... He is smaller than the cat. And yes, I did not take photos of the artists yesterday,, maybe today.
And these are the cats that don't meow or anything else, just look happy. Many were also on the table. I had a wonderful day, taking photographs and painting. More to come, I am driving down again today.. Play week-end
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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Taking Time to look Around

The yard needs some pruning, and I want to take some time to enjoy the Fall. It is suppose to be cool weather, and the temp on my porch was 84 this afternoon. I looked up at the bird feeder to see what all the commotion was about and sitting very still was a Praying Mantis.
Amazing little thing. I thought maybe he was stuck in the sticky hummingbird food, but no, he just looked at me turning his eyes and antennae. So I decided to watch him for a bit.. Along came the humming bird, and he was not too happy about the new guest, but he eventually sat on the other side to drink. Nature is so amazing and buzzing all around us, we just have to take the time to watch.
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