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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween, Enjoy, Was it Fun!

I forgot to get my annual "corn " candy to celebrate Halloween.. Hope you had fun planned and were not too scary.. This is the flag that flies from our front porch... soon there will be a Turkey enjoying the sunshine.. Love the Fall! Cool Air, warm sun, beautiful colors!
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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Window Theme Fabric Postcard

I have finished my "windows" theme for Postmarkd'art and they will be in the mail next week. The photo is printed on fabric. While "creating" the postcard, I looked in my stash of fabric that I had purchased in a small quilt store in Amsterdam, Holland. And found a piece that almost matches the design that is in my Aunts curtains.

I added lace at the top like is shown in the window and yarns to separate the areas.. Each postcard has a different word on the bottom.. Some say Discover, Precious, Joyous, and Bloom and grow.

It is fun to be able to share this photo with you. Now ideas are flooding about the other "window" photos I took while on that trip in Austria. Wish I had time to make all the ideas that flood through my mind..
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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Windows- Theme for Postmarkd'art

I was looking through my albums, because I know that years ago, 1994, we went on a trip to visit my relatives in Holland... At that time I took a series of photographs of windows. This one is of my Aunt or Tanta Fini's front window. She was a wonderful kind lady, I remember her with lots of love. This house was very special, she lived in it through World War 2 till the time of her passing. I slept in the bed under the eves that my father had slept in as a young man from the 1920's. She always had flowers, as most Dutch homes do.

I reprinted the photo for my fabric postcards.. While making them I thought of windows in another form. Here are some of the questions that came to mind.

Are we looking out the window at the world from a safe place?
What stories can this window tell? Who are they, that look in ? Do we look at the world with an open view? Do we open our windows to only friends? Are our windows open or do we lock them? Do we clean our windows from the inside or the out side? Are our windows shuttered against the storms? What do our windows tell us about ourselves as humans? Do you enjoy what you are seeing? Are our windows like our lives, draped and covered? Can you open your heart like you open your windows?

I am sure you can add more, this is just a start.. Open your windows and breath the air, clear out the cob webs in our minds in this Halloween Season. Best of all enjoy the moment.
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Monday, October 18, 2010

Back Porch Quilt Store & Jane

Shopping is such great fun, especially in a quilt store named Back Porch.. My friend Jane and her hubby Sam were on their way to PIQF and I caught her looking through pink fabric.. Great color for a new baby quilt.. Go Wild Jane..

Jane and I are planning a trip to Paducah... I have never been and am looking forward to the opportunity to see the town and all they do for quilters, or is that the other way around... Heard it is wonderful. It is on the calendar for next year..

Year, after that I would like to go to Houston..Scary planning so far out.. it will be here before we know it..

Yard and Studio are on the list for today.. I bought some wonderful Kaffe fabrics at Back Porch, they have such a endless variety and ideas are running though my head.
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Asilomar- Repetition

Last year when I was taking photos at Asilomar, I found some repetition in chairs.. this year bikes caught my fancy. I also took some photos of the ocean when it was beautiful and clear.. I am planning to print them for a post card exchange.. will see if it works out.

Unpacking projects, took way too much., and trying to clean up the studio..Do I dare show you the mess.. well maybe some time.

Last class next week for our Ad. Ed class, and looking forward to seeing the finished projects...
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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

1000 Artisan Textiles at Back Porch Fabrics

Oh, this is such fun to see the book that my quilt is featured in on the front shelf at Back Porch Fabrics.. If you have not seen this book, it is inspiring with wonderful photographs of all sorts of Textiles, clothing, and art objects, be sure to look for it at your local books store, quilt store, or Amazon.
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Back Porch Fabrics in Pacific Grove

I just love the colorful fabrics that Back Porch has in stock! Yes, most of these photographs have Kaffe's wonderful designs.. Even some roses that I was looking for.. I was at Asilomar, the weather was gorgeous, but then the fog rolled in.. and it was cold and windy.. I understand it was 92 at home.. big change.

Yes, these are all wonderful. if you are ever in the area, be sure to stop in at their store, very Welcoming.
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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Sierra Art Trails-Kathleen Mattox & Gretchen Lee

Kathleen had a colorful display of her Mixed Media Watercolors. Displaying her cards, paintings, and book marks to name a few items. We were very lucky that her Ez up did not collapse during the night from the rain. We had to scramble because the top filled with water and the legs were about the collapse.. But success with many helpful hands, and everything was under control by the first guest on Sunday.

Gretchen showed her beautiful gourd pieces and explained to the guests her technique of painting them , and her creative wall murals.

Julie was busy with lots of friends/a new comers in her home studio and I never got a photo of her or her studio.. but I bet she will have some photos on her blog,, check it out.
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Sierra Art Trails, Sat. Morning

All set up and ready.. hoping that the rain does not come. Sierra Art Trails is an annual event with people arriving from all over the country.. Besides the locals we chatted with one couple from Texas, and many others.. It kept us hopping all week-end..

I took everything down on Sat. night, except the Ez up.. It rained cats and dogs that evening.. but thankfully the only thing that was muddy on the edges was my "Jackson Pollack" painted drop cloth. I took it home on Sunday night, and hosed it off with a hard spray, let it dry out side and it looks fine..
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