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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mountain Picnic - Adult Ed class

Kathy is doing a wonderful job of showing her machine quilting techniques to our Adult Ed. class.

All the ladies are doing a beautiful job on their quilts, and we hope to have some finished quilts to show at the end of class October 19th.. The pattern, Mountain Picnic will be available to buy soon and we will let you know when and where.. The fun part is that everyone in the class is doing something a bit different with their placement and adding their own personalities and colors.

We encourage individuality for each quilt. Everyone has a choice to try out machine stitching or hand applique on four blocks and learning piecing basics on the other 5 blocks.. We will be going over sandwiching the layers, binding, and the importance of signature blocks. More soon!
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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Jackson Pollack Postage Stamp

This is a Jackson Pollack 44 cents Postage Stamp.. It is funny how great minds work.. I had already bought the drop cloth, and paint at Home Depot. Stopped by the Post Office and there was a card from my good friend Peggy with this stamp..

Speaking of paint. There are the wonderful little sample containers of paint.. about $3.00 at Home Depot. Next to that display for .50 cents were some containers that people must not have liked the color... Perfect for what I wanted to do...I chose some of my acrylic paints that were getting a bit old..mixed a bit of water so that it would spatter, and painted....See below my style of wild exhilarating art.. Although I must say my back has seen a better day... Now for lunch!!!!
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Not Jackson Pollack

Sierra Art Trails Home Studio is the first week-end in Oct. I have so many things I want to get done.. Evenings are spent making little gourd necklaces, and today I made a rug for the EZ- up...

I had forgotten that Julie's home is surrounded by gravel and dirt.. I priced out rugs that might work, but not in the budget.. So I got the bright idea to get a drop cloth and paint it.. I don't know how it will look in my booth, but worst I can do is cut it up after the show, wash it and make something out of the pieces.. After all I am a Mixed Media Fabric Artist.
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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Jewelry class at Timberline co-op Gallery

Earlier this month I took a 1 day class that could have been a whole week or month of instruction.. It gave us an overall on tools and their uses and excited us on what we could do with found objects..

Merylyn Whited is an amazing jewelry artist and friend that lives near us on the Fresno River. She shows her work at the Timberline Co-op gallery in Oakhurst, Ca.
We had two Maggie's in our class, both are friends of mine and delightful ladies.. All 3 are watching what Ray Magee is showing and telling about working with wire wrap.. Ray cuts his own cabochons.All this and more can be seen at Timberline Gallery.

Co-ops are run by the artists. If you are in the area, be sure to stop in and see their unique pieces, and perhaps you might meet them.
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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sierra Art Trails Oct 2 &3

"Tropical Breeze " mixed media quilted kite is hanging at the Stellar Gallery and will be there through the 5th of Oct. Hope everyone has their catalog on where to go and which artists work to see.. I am hearing that the books may be almost sold out.. Some might be at the individual artists studios also, or check with Williams Gallery. I have 2 left.

We had a wonderful turn out for the Reception over the week-end.. Beautiful music, lots of chatter, and varied art. The guests I know look forward to this each year.. They come to the reception, check out the artists work.. Look at the maps to see which is the best way, and plan their lunch stop, some even their dinner stops with a little wine at the winery's.

This is fun for the whole family also. An opportunity to tour the mountains, view different studios and chat with the artists. Some are demonstrating and will show you how they make their creations.

We have visitors from many parts of the U.S, as well as from all over Calif., San Diego, Los Angeles, and San Fran.. People vacation and come for the week.. It is the start of the Fall Season, it is cooling off, the air is crisp, and Yosemite has never looked more beautiful with the waterfalls. We live in a wonderful place to visit at any time of year, but especially now and in the Spring..
I will be displaying my pieces at Julie Mitchells, # 66, just off of highway 41, in Coarsegold.
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Daily Om- oh so true

I receive little bits of wisdom that reminds me to slow down and enjoy the moment.. The Daily Om said today. "In the effort to keep up we are so busy rushing from Point A to Point B, that we forget to enjoy the ride".. Oh, so true...

This seems to be a particularly busy time of year for artists. And probably everyone, but most of my friends are artists that are trying to meet deadlines. Each January, I say I am going to start earlier and plan.... and then what happened to the in between months?

Is it that every group has shows, exhibitions, challenges, and opportunities that have dead lines in Oct. and Nov. I hate missing a chance to show my art. Then the question is, do I have enough completed... The ride that Daily Om talks about, for me is the process of creating... that can not be rushed, and I do enjoy that feeling.. To just immerse my self in the studio and have something come in a flash is a high I can not explain in words.. It is special when it brings a smile to some one looking at my pieces. That special connection.

Fall season is coming soon, my trees are starting to lose their leaves and one is starting to turn Rust colored.. The sky is a beautiful color of Blue, and the breeze that comes up the river is laced with a bit of coolness that comes from flowing over the water. Hear the trees rustle, Fall is coming soon.
Enjoy each moment.
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