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Saturday, July 31, 2010

In Honor of 35 Head of Cattle-

No, this is not a quilt.. But, It is something that I painted.. Last year August, 35 head of cattle "leaped" over an abyss into the Fresno River. Because they, the governments that be, divert ( my words, shut off) the Fresno River and divert it to Merced, the cattle were in all stages of dying, because of injuries and lack of water to drink. There was great turmoil as to the jurisdiction of the clean up . In others words who was going to pay for the removal.

I have several skulls in my "stash" and every once in a while I know what I want to paint on them. The one I have in my studio is plain other then feathers and a raven. But this one called for the Bulls eye, turquoise for the river, and honoring them with the sunflower and yellow color.

Yellow denotes happiness and joy, but the other side is cowardice and deceit.
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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Camp WatchaPatcher-Ca.

Now, this is a class I would love to take next time at Camp, I took some photos, but not knowing whose they were did not want to post them, these were on the board, so I am hoping they are the teachers samples. I am sure there were lots of giggles in this class! Creative Self Portraits, with Charlotte Rogers, Hanford, Ca.

My dear friend and roomy Jane took Rob Appell's class and had a wonderful time also. Jane loves the turquoise colors, and lives on Turquoise Street. We have been going to Camp together since 1992. Camp W is every other year, and we have not aged one bit.

Nancy, I also know from Orange Co. we were all in Beach Cities and the Irvine Quilt Guilds together... A group of us spent every Monday in the good old days together lunching and quilting. Nancy did this wonderful Fish,( in Robs class also, I wish I could have seen the other animals that people created. ) Then one year we all started moving away. We moved near Yosemite, some moved below Orange Co. and another of the group moved to Wickenburg, then Colorado.. So we are spread out and keep in touch through email.. Thankfully. It is so nice to gather together at Camp every other year, and nothing changes. We are all happy and healthy, such a blessing.
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Friday, July 9, 2010

Sierra Foothill Conservancy

At our recent P.E.O. meeting, we had the pleasure of having Bridget Fithian (above with Pat Pinckney) and Christopher Watts, from the Sierra Foothill Conservancy speak to us about saving the Sierra Foothills in their natural state.
They have many fund raisers during the year, but the project that our local artists are excited about is the Sierra Foothill Conservancy Plein Air Project. The Conservancy invited California artists to paint at 3 locations and capture the essence of our beautiful landscapes.

The exhibition will be shown at 3 locations, the Embarcadero,, August 7th, Madden Library, Mid August, and The Great Central Valley Exhibition in Fresno,on Sunday August 29.
Contact bridget.fithian@sierrafoothill.org for additional information. This is such a worth while cause. Saving our land to have open areas where we can see nature at it's finest is important to each of us. We are blessed to be living here in the mountains. Many people that will be seeing these paintings live a life surrounded by concrete. Through this art they will have the opportunity to experience the spirit of nature.
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Monday, July 5, 2010

Charm Bracelet, Quilt Hop

Going on the Quilt Run in So. Cal a couple weeks back was a fun time. I decided to make a charm bracelet, I added several charms I had collected over the years, and the 8 from the stores I visited.. I think this is such a great idea.. Wish all runs would do this and I could go on more of them. Each charm has the name of the quilt store and it's phone number on the back.

Thank you So. Cal, for great fun.. Seriously thinking of going again next year,, and several other ladies want to go with me..
Have not been too active.. the grand kids gave us the summer colds..But we love them and enjoy when they visit.. back to the couch!

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