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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Laundry Rates, Civil War Re-enactment

Each tent also had a bowl of peanuts,, I forgot to ask about them.. This is the laundry tent, and you can see what they use and also the list of prices from that era. This was so interesting and we hope some time to attend one of the large re-enactments. I spoke with a friend on Monday, and she had heard a large cannon noise on the Friday before and was wondering why no one had said anything or was frightened. Now she knows where the noise came from.
I am so thankful for my electric washing machine.

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Cooking in the open

We chatted with this delightful lady.. She was in the process of cooking up dinner, and it was 11:AM.. You can see her wash hanging in the back ground... oh, so glad I am born now!!!
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Cooking, not my style

Ok, now these pans look heavy and hard to handle.. and so glad it is not 104 degrees today.. This is where I really draw the line.
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Re-enactment tents, and quilts

I loved the way the tents were set up.. this "family" had a wooden bed and quilt to keep cozy. Others just had bed rolls on the ground, and it was cold that night!
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Quilting out side, Oakhurst,Civil War Re-enactment

Now this looked like a lovely idea, quilting out side. Their costumes did not look particularly comfortable, but the day was pretty cool.. She told me they had lots of flannel petty under skirts at night to keep warm..
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Civil War Re-enactment -Oakhurst-CA

Ralph and I were driving through Oakhurst on Sunday and saw a troop of men walking with Civil War Uniforms on, and suddenly remembered that the Re-enactment was going on in our park.. We decided to turn around and go back to see what they were up to. Great fun.. Each had their own tent, and all their supplies.. I did not know that they stayed all night in their tents and ate the way that did in that century. This was all in celebration of The Abraham Lincoln exhibit at the King Vintage Museum.. The Golden Chain Theater also had a play being presented called the The Lincoln Assassination by Roger Clugston.
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Friday, March 26, 2010

Fabric Bra Post Card

I seem to be always running behind lately.. but did get these two "Bra"Postcards done for FiberartTraders. It was fun looking at all my flower prints and adding silk flowers, beads and ribbon. FiberArtTraders, is a Yahoo group, has such wonderful challenges, and I wish I could do them all but.......
I bought a pair of jean and when I got them home I found a tear in the leg.. I know it is all the rage, but this was not where one would have a "good" tear.. so I added silk flowers, some embroidery and now I wear them.. They go through the washer just fine! I just was too lazy to take them all the way back to Fresno, 30 miles one way..
There is another post card challenge from my retreat group, that is polka dots.. think I will just make more of these, they are such fun... and not the old white stuffy bras...
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Friday, March 19, 2010

Evergreen Conference Center Oakhurst

You are asking where is Ecco and what is it?.. It is a great conference center located in Oakhurst Calif. near the entrance of Yosemite National Park.. Well, near as our crow flies.. about 12 miles from the entrance on Hwy 41. It is a beautiful setting, quiet and peaceful, well most of the time, except when the quilters gather. I won't rattle on because you can go on their web site for more information. But in March each year our local quilters from Sierra Mountain Quilters gather and laugh... oh, yes, and quilt. and and eat! The swan was a bit naughty this year... but then so were we!
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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ladies at Retreat- Ecco

These are the ladies that were not there for the first photo.. We all had such fun.. Retreats are important, not just for the new ideas and techniques that we show each other, but for the friendship that is shared. As you can see there are a variety of techniques that are displayed. Sharing ideas, new tools and many great ideas.. If you have never been to a quilting retreat, you have missed an important part of quilting.
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Ecco Retreat,SMQA

Hey, the gang is here, hard to get them all together.. We work on a variety of projects.. This time, some cuddle quilts, little hand quilts for Children's Hospital, and our own projects. Not to mention the good food we enjoyed. Thank you to Diane Ward who patiently puts this all together each year. She had wonderful plastic boxes to put our projects in, and made us all little fabric Purses for us to organize our cards in. Retreats are important, not just for the quilting, but for the friendship.
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Opportunity Quilt- SMQA

In the process of putting all the flowers on the border area.. It is going to be beautiful.. I would love to win it.. They even talked me into appliqueing flowers, leaves and centers.. It takes many hands and lots of patience.. I don't volunteer for the piecing,, not my forte.
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Ecco Quilt Retreat

Ok, I promised I would just show hands in this photo.. The Sierra Mountain Quilters are working on the Opportunity Quilt. Cutting, starching, gluing the applique flowers together.. We had a wonderful 4 days. This is an annual gathering, not too far from our homes, but a wonderful escape.
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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Dharma Trading Company, hand dyed painting

Oh, This is exciting. I am shown on Dharma's Featured Artists. I love using their products and I enjoy painting as well as the hand dyeing with the Procion Dyes. This piece was done with Setacolor, and hand dyes. It is pieced and I hand dye the threads that I use to sew on the beads.. Be sure to take a look at all the wonderful items that Dharma has for artists and crafters..
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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Knit Blue Hat

Ok, So I got Possessed.. Finished the second hat.. now have to finish the socks that I started sometime.. just have to find them!!! Back to the studio.. I love the new or not so new yarns, as addicting as fabric.. And they blend so beautifully with the hand dyes,, maybe that is why I love them. Everyone is felting these days.. If I can just get the socks done, and then go onto a felted purse without guilt... Hey, the sun is out! Enjoy your day!
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Knit Hat

Ok, So I get a bit distracted, but I loved this hat pattern! My friend was knitting it in the evening while at Quilt Retreat. So went to the local knit store and asked for help on pattern reading.. Last time I really knitted anything besides scarves was in High School, and we will not go into how long ago that was. I met the greatest group of ladies, just like in the little knit book series, fun and friendly.. Missed their pot luck yesterday.. ah well, less on the hips.
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Flowery Quilt top

Yes, I do some quilting in between my other distractions.. These were exchange blocks from eons ago.. I took them to camp retreat because I knew it was some what mindless sewing.. I have not decided what I will put around the border.. need to audition some fabrics. Then get it done.. there are several layers of quilts under that one on the design wall..
No, I am not layering them all together.. but seem to get distracted easily, just in a finishing mood.. Looks kind of jumbled, eh? But colorful.
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Gourd Necklaces work area

I am hoping that this photo is shown before the photo of the finished necklaces. I am computer challenged on a daily basis. This is part of my work table and shows the unfinished, unstained gourd, one with just the knotless netting and one almost finished with the beading. It is such fun because each of them has their own personality.. just like people.. I don't name them because that is for the new owner to do.
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Spirit gourd necklaces

Celebration of Nature, is what I call this grouping of Spirit Gourd Necklaces. I had such fun making them and yesterday delivered them to the Art by Hand Gallery, in Fresno Ca. It is a new gallery for HandsOn Central California. They are a Non-profit group that inspires, equips and mobilizes people to take action in our community.. My friend Julie Mitchell, Spirit Figures told me about Janice and Judy that run the gallery. We planned a day to run errands and deliver art.

There will be the March Art Hop on Thurs. evening. I have a computer class but I am hoping that lots of people are able to attend. Art Hops are so much fun, eat a little, sip a little and enjoy visiting and sharing with friends. Don't forget to purchase a little also.. Monies from the commission go to doing good for the community.
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