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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Almost Valentines

I finally changed out my Christmas, sort of quilt on the wall for Valentines.. I say each year that I am going to put a quilt up for Holidays and special occasions.. but honestly, I get excited about the holiday after it, and forget to make something before.. But Valentines is Special. Many of the blocks were given to me by friends, and then I added to it.. Sharing is such fun. It is those special moments that we must hold on to. Remember to have fun!
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One World One Heart ,Starts Now!

One World One Heart

Open your Heart Gourd Spirit Figure Necklace

Welcome to One World One Heart

I am looking forward to an exciting ride on this Magic Carpet. Sharing the fun and excitement of meeting new bloggers and saying hello to new friends along the way.

You have the opportunity to receive the Open your Heart Gourd Spirit Figure Necklace that I made by clicking on comments here for my blog post.

I started with half a small gourd that I grew in my yard. The face is about the size of a quarter. If you would like to win the drawing for her, please leave a comment. The drawing will be held on Feb. 15th. after noon Pacific U.S.Time, be sure your email is on your comment so that I might contact you.
This is exciting and I look forward to meeting YOU ! I would love to know a little about you, that is not necessary to win.
This is hosted by Lisa Swifka, A Whimsical Bohemian, hop on this Magic Carpet and become a ticket holder.

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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Tea and Yarn

Isn't it a beautiful tea cup. My dear friend Carolyn painted it, her art is magnificent. Such patience!
I was recently given some little bulbs, and they are developing and growing taller each day.. This yarn I bought last year at Dharma, aren't the colors just yummy.. I will finish my hat first before I start, because I have no idea what the 3 balls I bought could make.. I just liked the colors,, will have to bring them to my knitting class on Monday..Maybe another scarf, a felted purse???.. I need something easy with out counting to take to camp.. and this is wool.. I bet it could be felted.. hummm, now all sorts of ideas are popping up.
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Journal from Sunny

I just received this beautiful Journal from Sunny Hemphill in Washington. She has painted the fabric, and printed an old postcard from Egypt on the front and back. She used a key on a ribbon for the book mark, and has painted the fabrics back and front. I posted the journal I made for exchange a few months ago and sent it to Sunny. We are part of a Fiber Arts Group on Yahoo.. these ladies are such fun, and really make an artist stretch. Nothing is beyond their ideas.. Just see Leilani Pierson, 5 day Quilt Challenge in Quilting Arts, page 66. My copy just arrived today in the mail so you know what I am going to do this evening. Settling back and reading from cover to cover.
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Macaroni- not gourmet

I like looking through food magazines I find at the library.. I have tons of cook books, and lots of sheets that I have pulled out of Sunset Mag. when it arrives in the mail. My thought was that I should start to follow some of these ideas from great cooks.. Well, Julia Child, I am not!

It was raining and thundering this week, and I found this wonderful recipe for Mac & cheese with Cauliflower.. What could be healthier! Ingredients: egg,evaporated milk, cayenne pepper, nutmeg, Kosher salt ( have a box to use on watercolor paintings), muenster cheese, cheddar cheese, parmesan cheese. and pasta shells.. I don't have any of those items.. but do have a box of Macaroni and Cheese, and cauliflower.hummmm
Well I sort of followed the recipe.. I added an additional hand full of look alike macaroni, boiled it like they said on the package, boiled the cauliflower to al dente, and found some asiago cheese in my frig. that was not green. Drained the macaroni, put the cauliflower in that thing that chops up stuff, put the noodles back in the pan, with some milk, butter, added some cauliflower ( 1/2, ate the rest raw, while waiting) the cheese mix with the asiago, mixed, then put it in the baking dish, topped with the left over asiago, some bread crumbs found at the bottom of the refrig. and sort of browned at 450. Dinner with a salad.. the easy way, and no shopping. Had enough for two days plus.. And told my husband that this was a fancy recipe from the magazine! He thought is was great,, ,and he does not like cauliflower!!
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Finished, "Point Bonita- Second Home"

Finished and just in time. As some of you know I am a nut with White Binders,, will take a photo some time of that part of my studio. Each year I label a white binder for that year at camp. I looked through the past ones and came up with this painted fabric, and these wonderful little stuffed fish, and flamingos, that Mary at camp made.. I don't remember where I got the other little embroidery pieces, but they were in the binders.. Many years there are themes, my favorite was the flamingo year. I used batiks, hand painted fabric, and buttons. It was great fun to feel free and do something playful.
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Thursday, January 21, 2010


Ok, now something is starting to develop.. back to the studio, and away from this computer.

Silly fun

These are some of the items that I have collected.. Friends have made some, and others are from Theme's we have had in the past at camp. Onward

Where to Start?

A new piece for a Retreat Challenge.. I have this hand painted piece, what do I do with it? Size is to be 18in. square.. I need to re read the Challenge.. I want to use some items I have collected for years at this retreat.. I only have a few weeks to get this done, along with another one.... need to get busy.. come on Inspiration,,, I need a flash!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Yarn and more Yarn

I have this box of yarn.. It is winter, rainy and cold out side. It is a New Year.. What else should I do but take a beginning class in knitting at the local knit store in Oakhurst.. Yes, my mother taught me to knit when I was 16. But I really never learned to read the instructions.. So that is what I am doing on Monday mornings.. I have knitted a dozen or more scarves, with great delight. They are also selling very well. My friend Ruth gave me a wonderful pattern for a nice warm hat.. and it will be done soon, I hope.. Then to finish the socks I started a couple of years ago. I stopped because summer crept up on me and it was toooooo hot to knit.. Have you ever read the series of Books by Debbie Macomber, The Shop on Blossom Street? It is a fun series of life in a yarn store.. We are not that dramatic, but I am getting to know a great group of knitting and crocheting ladies.. I am saying No to Crocheting.. For those that know me, it has too many numbers! Will show you my "hat" when I finish.. Did you know you can get UFO's in Knitting also....I am finishing this Hat!!!!
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3 Little Spirit Gourd Necklaces

I just finished 3 more little gourd necklaces. I put a quarter to show the size. Each one seems to have it's own personality, adding beads or pearls. Sometimes I just have to giggle as silly thoughts run through my head. I feel them saying, " I want that Bead, or don't put that one on me!". It is hard to part with them. But am delighted when people want to purchase my little creations. ..
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Gourd Spirit Necklace

Yes, I also play with gourds. I grew these little jewelry gourds several years ago. I have shown the different stages of creation. First you get a little dirty dried gourd, wash it very well, cut it in 1/2, sand off the rough edges, and clean out the inside..

Now you are ready to paint, or stain your gourd.. I like to spray it with a sealer before I use the wax linen thread to do the knotless netting technique. I learned this technique years ago from Lynn Everett in Orange Co.. She will be teaching April 17 & 18th. in Visalia, go to the Calif. Gourd Society Web site for more information. On these gourds I have used beads for the face area.. I complete them by adding beads, and charms.. People are surprised that they are a natural gourd. I love it when I see collectors wearing my pieces. It is all part of sharing friendship, and a love of nature.
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2006 YoYo Haiku Challenge

Our YoYo group loves to do challenges.. and we are game for almost any thing,, you might have noticed.. In 2006 we decided to write a Haiku together, and then interpret it in a small quilt of our choice.. Plus adding one fabric.. the crazy one with the circles.
"Fabric Sings As, Loving Hands, Make Joyful Creations, Laughing YoYo's." The size is 12w. X 15L. I used hand dyes fabric ( which I had dyed myself), Commercial fabrics, Hand and Machine stitching, Ink Jet Printing of photos, buttons, charms, beads, and hand dyed threads.
It was great fun to make, once I had a direction.. That I think is some times the hardest part for me, coming up with an idea. I think this was one of our better challenges. Great fun!
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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Refrigerator words, Haiku

Yes, this is my refrigerator door... Little magnetic words.. and the photo is not me, I saw it in a magazine add and that is my figure in my mind, and in my fantasy I would wear white.. in real life, it is jeans, T. shirt ( turtle necks in the winter) and tennis shoes.. That magazine photo also fits with the houses you see in Arch. Digest.. But in real life, I get messy in the studio, and while the paint dries I might wander out side and pull weeds.. Does not work to dress in White!!!! But back to the refrig, magnetic words.. The grand kids loved writing little poems when they visit and when we are waiting for the microwave to do its thing, my husband and I plunk down little sayings.. The best ones were lost when the computer crashed.. but I am starting a new collection.

"Dream creek weed, happy winter rain, in the night and shiver."

"Blue grass beneath the purple wind, journeys through the wild summer garden"
I am not counting to see if they are haiku's, but it is fun while the water boils..
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Friday, January 8, 2010

One Piece Added

Not done yet, with this piece, and my hubby just reminded me that I have our " Encore" Art Hop Show ( Julie Mitchell)to sit tomorrow.. Weather should be good so hope some friends and guests come by to say hello and view the art. This is the first time I have taken photos when I am just putting pieces on the design wall.. Hope this works out! Maybe I will chop up the blue at the top, or could use some red stitching.. hummmm
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Retreat Challenge

I am putting fabrics on my design wall and changing them around.. It is time to walk away,,, oh, just one more piece, and then will look at it tomorrow..
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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Above the fog?

Who ever said Coarsegold is above the fog, was not here this morning. It is damp and cold, but beautiful to see.. There are hills beyond the river. We could drive about 3 miles up the road and be in blue sky and never know it was there till we leave home. This is so mysterious.. love to walk in it all bundled up with my nice woolly scarves.. Enjoy your day.
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Winter snow ?

This is the last of my Christmas decorations to pack away.. I love the feel of the ceramics and the glaze, so have left them in my wall niche to enjoy. Now it is time to clean out some areas, like my studio..
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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Valentines Post Cards, Fiberarts

Last year I sent this Fabric Post card to my husband Ralph. I sent it through the offer from Fiberarts to reroute the cards through Loveland Colorado. I have done this since 2007 and he enjoys receiving some thing other then bills in the mail. You know how hard it is to buy anything for a retired male.. It is fun and easy to do. I hand painted this card and put on an Angelina heart with the letters "Love "stamped on it. Instructions are easy on Fiber arts Web site, http://www.fiberarts.com/back_issues/January-February-2010/valentine-postcard.asp. Check it out. Sorry for some reason I could not link-in. I will show you this years after he receives it..
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Goodbye Dr. Seuss

My friends took this silly photo, but it is a goodbye to the Dr. Seuss exhibit locally, and goodbye to our Fresno Met. Art Museum.. If you have the opportunity to see this exhibit at another venue, go there. We had such fun watching the children and feeling child like ourselves..
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Fresno Met Art Museum

A few weeks back I showed some photos of a field trip when our YoYo's Quilt Circle went to the Fresno Met. Museum.. The sad news today is that the Met has closed not for repairs or updating which they recently had accomplished, but for the lack of funds. We feel very blessed to have seen the Dr. Seuss, Matisse and Chagall exhibits so close to home. And very saddened that this venue will not be available for the Central Valley population.
The "rich" are needed, their contributions and fund raisers as well as the people that visit museums are the life blood of sharing art and history. They give everyone the opportunity to grow, in the arts as well as stronger for knowing how and why the artists work, and create.. So a little part of all of us, has gone. Many museums are facing the same challenges... what can we do to preserve our inheritance to history and the arts? Volunteer and donate when you can.
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Friday, January 1, 2010

Fiber Arts 2010 Journal Exchange.

My final artistic completion for 2009 is this journal cover exchange for Fiber Art Yahoo Group. It is quilted on postcard material, with charms, hand made bead, and beading. The insides and back covers are covered with Wallpaper, and I added yarns, to drap down for a book mark,, also added a 2010 calendar inside. In our exchange of ideas some one mentioned covering the "black" side with Duck Tape. I have some bright Orange that I use to cover sewing machine cords at Retreats.. The Orange is a bit wild, but does go with some of the fabrics. This group has a wonderful array of mixed media artists and I feel privileged to exchange art with them. I don't know how they do it all.. They have time management down to a science.
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