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Saturday, December 4, 2010

T'is the Season

Snow, and Christmas time,, they go together, except if you live in Australia, and New Zealand, as some of my friends do. In Calif. there have been many times that it has been hot with lots of sun on Christmas day.. Just depends on where you live.
But any where it is the joy of the season. Preparing to see friends and family, write Christmas letters,, I am late again, need to start writing, but what should the topic be this year.. I could just reprint last years.. Is it memories we cherish, or are we just trying to remember what we did that year.
Have you seen these wonderful Polar Bear Poinsettias. We were purchasing planting mix, plants, and bug spray at Home Depot and saw these wonderful flowers.. Share some with some one close.

Then off to the W, store.. hope that is not a bad word for some of you.. but wanted some FUN Christmas socks and also needed cat food for the 7 cats who are eating more food in the winter, because the rodents are warm in their nests. We also meandered through the Mall, something we usually don't do, but wanted to see the I Pad by Mac.. oh, to have some disposable income.. Maybe it is a good thing we don't, because that would be one more thing to take care of. More fun on the lap top..
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