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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Rio's bag

It is raining out, and 7 AM, dark... Went to my studio to look through and clean up so I could do some work.. Came across the "Doggy Bag"directions from Quilts and More Fall 2010.

I had just dumped the food for our dog Wolfee into a container, and saw this dog image on the bag. Perfect for Rio, our friend Jean's Search and Rescue dog.. It was fun.. I did add a few things like duck tape to cover the inside stitching for the polyester webbing. I thought with the bigger stitches, that might be a weak spot.. Jean will get the directions also,, this is a one time creation.

Not that is was not fun, or a great idea.. but I have a stack of great ideas sitting on the work table.. and need to sort!
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