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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

P.E.O. meeting at the Coarsegold Historic Museum

It was a beautiful day, with blue skies. Our P.E.O. speaker told us about the Coarsegold and Yosemite area Indian History. Kay Good introduced Karen Morris. Karen spoke about her Regalia, which she made, herself, and shared some of the personal Chuckchansi Indian heritage.
The Picayune school was a gathering place for many of the Chuckchansi and Non Indian Children of the area. It was used from 1913 till 1956. Now, thanks to Chuckchansi giving us a Grant, the Museum was able to redo the inside, and is used as a meeting place for many groups in the local area. Donations are always welcome.
Karen's Regalia is in the style of a Northern Traditional Dancer. The colors are the colors of the medicine wheel. She picked them for their healing properties. The diamond pattern started when she made the beaded collar. The local tribes are the Chuckchansi, Mono, from the North Fork area, Big Sand, Cold Springs, Dunlap, Southern Sierra Miwok, and Dumna. There are Chukchansi and Mono at Table Mountain, Goshowu, Chowchillas, Pitcachees, and the Tahi Yokuts are down in the Lemoore area.

The history of this area is amazing. We are blessed to have volunteers like Karen and her husband that contribute to the education with their sharing of knowledge. The Cedar building is what was used in the mountain area by the Indians.. We will be constructing a Willow hut, which was used at the lower, warmer elevations. Stop by the Coarsegold Historic Museum, to see more of the local history and the 19th Century packed adobe way Station.
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