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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

More Tea and YoYo's

Last year we decided that we would not give gifts at Christmas, we all have enough goodies, however, Polly and Peggy, do not behave. These darling little clowns were given to us by Polly, and added to the Poinsettia for the table decoration. They were delightful and yes, we all took them home.
Isn't this a beautiful plate of food, oh, yes, and healthy.. I had the 1/2 egg salad sandwich, and garden salad.. It was delicious!
Ok, here is the gang,, left to right, me, Myra, Nancy, Kathy, with a K, Polly, Peggy, and Cathy sitting.. Cathy drives at least one hour to visit our YoYo Circle once a month from where they moved to in Visalia.. That is dedication and true friendship! Our Janet is missing and enjoying skiing at her home in Idaho..
Peggy's idea that I should be peeking from behind a curtain.. Kathy and I had a discussion on "what if "we used the beautiful decorative curtains as a screen for printing on fabric, nice lacy fabric.. Should stop by some of the Thrift stores and see if they have any donated curtains.. another project for the list!
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