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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Holiday Craft Shows

This was a set up at the local Medical Building for one morning.. I thought I would participate and see what it was like.. The ladies enjoyed looking but most seemed to be wanting children's items..
Met some lovely ladies and loaned extra table cloth to a delightful Japanese lady that was showing her beautiful hand crochet doilies.. they are amazing.. and she folded some beautiful Origami birds, made from Japanese paper that she brings back to the States.. She spends 6 months a year in Japan, her English is very good, and she thanked us for helping her practice. She said she is almost 80 years old, never would have guessed.. She gave me 5 of the beautiful birds, which I strung to hang in my studio.. A delightful day, and I got some hand work done..
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  1. I really enjoy visiting your blog,and look forward to seeing a photo of your Haiku quilt.
    Your comment on the origami birds reminded me to find the birds I was given in Tokyo


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