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Monday, December 6, 2010

Hearts & Quilts

I was wandering around my friend Kathleen's home and found this beautiful heart hanging in her cupboard.. I have shown you other photos of Kathleen's home, it is a photographers delight..The background here, reminded me of quilts and quilting designs.

The other evening we had our SMQA Quilt Christmas Dinner. We had veggie soup, bread and cake for dessert. Sound funny? Well, with it went a donation to Manna House for over $700.00.

Everyone that came to the dinner donated what they could and it all added up. We had a representative from Manna House Oakhurst along with a gentleman from the Wood Workers group that showed us the little wooden baby doll cradles they had constructed as Christmas Gifts. 6 Guilds were invited to make the little quilts and they had over 600 donated, along with pillow cases and of course, dolls were also donated. We were given two as a thank you, and we will have it for raffle at our Quilt Show in May..They are beautiful and would delight any little girl.

After the dinner we had a game called a Christmas Carol Test.. Well the word "test" ended it for me, but it was great fun.. Can you guess what these are? "Quadruped with crimson proboscis", " Tintinnabulation", or "Small juvenile thumping", and these were the easy ones.
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