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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Socks

May your Christmas be as warm and cozy as these Christmas socks.. Wishing all of you a wonderful, Prosperous, Healthy, Happy, Christmas Celebration.

I have been busy knitting up cowls. Very addicting,, just one more row, and one hour later, or two hours later, I am still at it.. They are warm and delightful around my neck. I thank my friend Myra for introducing them to me.. I can wear mine in the studio, without getting the ends in a pot of paint.. Some of my scarfs have been more like paint brushes, and not a very controlled one, as they dipped and splattered all over.

Sorry I don't have a photo.. They really only look like a pile of knitting when they are finished, till you put them on.. If you want the directions let me know.. would love to share it with you,, very easy!!!
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