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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Another Christmas thought

Every Year the Service Organization of the Sierras, S.O.S. for short, puts on their Christmas Boutique, luncheon and raffle. The Room is filled with chatting ladies, and I can not leave out the brave men, lots of donated raffle gifts and Christmas Cheer. I love having these Yule logs on my table, these ladies make much better bows than I could. S.O.S, makes items all year long in preparation for this event.

Monies are used for Scholarships, Teacher Mini Grants, Heartland, Malco Adult Literacy, the local Library, Hospice, and many other groups that need assistance with funds. Near St. Patrick's Day, the group has another fund Raiser, with a Bingo Bash..

Living in a small rural area, you really notice that it is the community and people that have to take care of each other. Coming from a larger city area, I sure feel like people make a real difference. Caring does not get lost with the glitter of the season.
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