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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Strange happenings, Mystery Card

Yes, it was my birthday,, but who is counting, certainly not me.. My husband and I decided to go to IMAX and see Harry Potter. We had never been and were pleasantly surprised, especially, that we were not blown out of the theater by the sound and music. Harry Potter was a good film to see in this theater..

And, of course, because "town" is at best 30+ miles down the mountain, we had to stop at Joanne's to use the coupon.. I was looking for a container to put quilts blocks in from a class I am taking monthly.. more about that some other time.. Instead of all the clear ones there are now pink and blue ones.. so for fun, I picked one that was on top and pink. Did not look inside of it.. Did not care about that part..
Came home and a couple of days later I opened the bag and took out the container, and opened it.. Laying in there was an unsigned Birthday card.. My husband swears he did not do this as a surprise,, after all I did charge it on my credit card.. The card is very cute, the hair design changes with the light.. Strange happenings..
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