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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Kathleen's home, yard and studio

What a wonderful view to have from a working studio, although her whole house is a vision in art.
I did take time to wander around out side and go a little crazy with photos. Isn't digital just so much fun. If you don't like it just delete it.
But I am not going to delete any of these photos.
I was lucky to be there on a perfect day, and the weather out side could not have been better for photography, at least what I was looking for.. Keep your camera at your side.. you never know what you can come across that will be an inspiration for your day. Thank you Kathleen for a delightful week-end.
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  1. I wish I had been there...love the water shot!

  2. Vivian, thank you for posting these photos and also for sending me the ones that you did. They were wonderful and I will post them shortly--still trying to catch up a bit from the busy weekend. So glad that you were able to come to Celebrate Creativity 2010!

  3. Vivian, you are MOST welcome! Your photos are terrific--I'm so pleased to see them posted here. It's nice to see photos taken by someone else because I was so busy I didn't get too many. I will be posting more though on my blog at http://mixedmessagesbykathleenmattox.blogspot.com


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