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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Windows- Theme for Postmarkd'art

I was looking through my albums, because I know that years ago, 1994, we went on a trip to visit my relatives in Holland... At that time I took a series of photographs of windows. This one is of my Aunt or Tanta Fini's front window. She was a wonderful kind lady, I remember her with lots of love. This house was very special, she lived in it through World War 2 till the time of her passing. I slept in the bed under the eves that my father had slept in as a young man from the 1920's. She always had flowers, as most Dutch homes do.

I reprinted the photo for my fabric postcards.. While making them I thought of windows in another form. Here are some of the questions that came to mind.

Are we looking out the window at the world from a safe place?
What stories can this window tell? Who are they, that look in ? Do we look at the world with an open view? Do we open our windows to only friends? Are our windows open or do we lock them? Do we clean our windows from the inside or the out side? Are our windows shuttered against the storms? What do our windows tell us about ourselves as humans? Do you enjoy what you are seeing? Are our windows like our lives, draped and covered? Can you open your heart like you open your windows?

I am sure you can add more, this is just a start.. Open your windows and breath the air, clear out the cob webs in our minds in this Halloween Season. Best of all enjoy the moment.
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