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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Window Theme Fabric Postcard

I have finished my "windows" theme for Postmarkd'art and they will be in the mail next week. The photo is printed on fabric. While "creating" the postcard, I looked in my stash of fabric that I had purchased in a small quilt store in Amsterdam, Holland. And found a piece that almost matches the design that is in my Aunts curtains.

I added lace at the top like is shown in the window and yarns to separate the areas.. Each postcard has a different word on the bottom.. Some say Discover, Precious, Joyous, and Bloom and grow.

It is fun to be able to share this photo with you. Now ideas are flooding about the other "window" photos I took while on that trip in Austria. Wish I had time to make all the ideas that flood through my mind..
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