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Monday, October 18, 2010

Back Porch Quilt Store & Jane

Shopping is such great fun, especially in a quilt store named Back Porch.. My friend Jane and her hubby Sam were on their way to PIQF and I caught her looking through pink fabric.. Great color for a new baby quilt.. Go Wild Jane..

Jane and I are planning a trip to Paducah... I have never been and am looking forward to the opportunity to see the town and all they do for quilters, or is that the other way around... Heard it is wonderful. It is on the calendar for next year..

Year, after that I would like to go to Houston..Scary planning so far out.. it will be here before we know it..

Yard and Studio are on the list for today.. I bought some wonderful Kaffe fabrics at Back Porch, they have such a endless variety and ideas are running though my head.
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  1. Sounds like a fun place to be, both the quilt shop AND the conference! It's so good to go away and take a class or workshop and then it's so good to get home to work on whatever excited you at the workshop. I'm going to San Diego in February for an acrylic workshop and I'm already excited at the prospect!


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