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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sierra Art Trails Oct 2 &3

"Tropical Breeze " mixed media quilted kite is hanging at the Stellar Gallery and will be there through the 5th of Oct. Hope everyone has their catalog on where to go and which artists work to see.. I am hearing that the books may be almost sold out.. Some might be at the individual artists studios also, or check with Williams Gallery. I have 2 left.

We had a wonderful turn out for the Reception over the week-end.. Beautiful music, lots of chatter, and varied art. The guests I know look forward to this each year.. They come to the reception, check out the artists work.. Look at the maps to see which is the best way, and plan their lunch stop, some even their dinner stops with a little wine at the winery's.

This is fun for the whole family also. An opportunity to tour the mountains, view different studios and chat with the artists. Some are demonstrating and will show you how they make their creations.

We have visitors from many parts of the U.S, as well as from all over Calif., San Diego, Los Angeles, and San Fran.. People vacation and come for the week.. It is the start of the Fall Season, it is cooling off, the air is crisp, and Yosemite has never looked more beautiful with the waterfalls. We live in a wonderful place to visit at any time of year, but especially now and in the Spring..
I will be displaying my pieces at Julie Mitchells, # 66, just off of highway 41, in Coarsegold.
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