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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Jackson Pollack Postage Stamp

This is a Jackson Pollack 44 cents Postage Stamp.. It is funny how great minds work.. I had already bought the drop cloth, and paint at Home Depot. Stopped by the Post Office and there was a card from my good friend Peggy with this stamp..

Speaking of paint. There are the wonderful little sample containers of paint.. about $3.00 at Home Depot. Next to that display for .50 cents were some containers that people must not have liked the color... Perfect for what I wanted to do...I chose some of my acrylic paints that were getting a bit old..mixed a bit of water so that it would spatter, and painted....See below my style of wild exhilarating art.. Although I must say my back has seen a better day... Now for lunch!!!!
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