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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Daily Om- oh so true

I receive little bits of wisdom that reminds me to slow down and enjoy the moment.. The Daily Om said today. "In the effort to keep up we are so busy rushing from Point A to Point B, that we forget to enjoy the ride".. Oh, so true...

This seems to be a particularly busy time of year for artists. And probably everyone, but most of my friends are artists that are trying to meet deadlines. Each January, I say I am going to start earlier and plan.... and then what happened to the in between months?

Is it that every group has shows, exhibitions, challenges, and opportunities that have dead lines in Oct. and Nov. I hate missing a chance to show my art. Then the question is, do I have enough completed... The ride that Daily Om talks about, for me is the process of creating... that can not be rushed, and I do enjoy that feeling.. To just immerse my self in the studio and have something come in a flash is a high I can not explain in words.. It is special when it brings a smile to some one looking at my pieces. That special connection.

Fall season is coming soon, my trees are starting to lose their leaves and one is starting to turn Rust colored.. The sky is a beautiful color of Blue, and the breeze that comes up the river is laced with a bit of coolness that comes from flowing over the water. Hear the trees rustle, Fall is coming soon.
Enjoy each moment.
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