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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Picnic Basket, from Mountain Picnic Quilt

Finished the basket on the quilt and finished quilting also.. I used hand dyed fabrics for the handle, gathered, added beads, took apart a pukka necklace for the flat beads, ( remember those?) and added a Lady Bug button on the top. The basket it's self is hand dyed fabrics and I used the oil sticks and rubbed an over all pattern I had here at home. The oil sticks are nice and give a different texture, used purple and gold, also added small beads to the basket.

Wandering through ones stash is always great fun, found an orange button for the middle of the flower, for the leaves I found some pre-made ribbon leaves and embroidered the centers of the larger ones.

I like the Oil Sticks and have picked up all sorts of items at Garage Sales to use as rubbings and if they are rusty enough will use them to make rust fabric. But not wild about the smell, and you have to wait 24 hours for the fabric to cure. However, when finished curing, there lots of applications to use them in a quilt.

Just have to set aside a day to create with the oil sticks, even if I don't know what to put it in, they can cure, and add them to my stash.. I know there will be a use down the road.

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  1. Love the Mtn. Picnic quilts you have been showing! An inspiring feast! And also those projects from Camp W! wholy cow- great works!(BTW: the office I work at works closely with the SFC)


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