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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Journal Covers

I love making journal covers, with fabric, beads and figures.. The Sierra Art Trails artists are busy getting their best work out for the Home Studio Tour which starts Oct 2nd. This year I will be at Julie Mitchell's studio just off of Hwy 41. The figure above, is stuffed, painted, with beads.. I used hand dyed and batik fabrics, and fell in love with the wooden beads that a friend gave me after she came back from Africa.. They are so special because they are natural looking, even with their wonderful colors.

I have not been good at writing regularly and will try to improve, bear with me.. For some reason have been tired and not getting back to all my friends. We all go through fazes... Maybe it is just the hot summer, although we have been lucky so far, and not as hot as it could be. My sympathy goes out to all my friends in the East that are dealing with extreme heats and humidity.. gentle hugs to all of you.
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