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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Joanna Figueroa- Where Women Create

I was going through magazines and pulling articles that I want to keep.. The pile was so high I could not see the T.V. Just kidding. "Where Women Creates" is such a fun, informative mag. to look at and dream.. Not that I don't have the space, but it is not kept in order. And when you are like me and hop from painting on gourds, to painting on fabric... it tends to get a bit messy.

This photo was taken this summer at Camp WatchaPatcher in So. Cal. Joanna spoke and also taught classes with her beautiful fabrics. I fell in love with the soft look, since most of my work is just the opposite, a bit colorful, and wild. Check out her web site and blog .

We were very fortunate to have Joanna speak for our guild Sierra Mountain Quilters in Oakhurst several years ago. She is a very busy woman as most of you know, if you read her blogs and web site. Thank you again Joanna for sharing with us.
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