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Friday, July 9, 2010

Sierra Foothill Conservancy

At our recent P.E.O. meeting, we had the pleasure of having Bridget Fithian (above with Pat Pinckney) and Christopher Watts, from the Sierra Foothill Conservancy speak to us about saving the Sierra Foothills in their natural state.
They have many fund raisers during the year, but the project that our local artists are excited about is the Sierra Foothill Conservancy Plein Air Project. The Conservancy invited California artists to paint at 3 locations and capture the essence of our beautiful landscapes.

The exhibition will be shown at 3 locations, the Embarcadero,, August 7th, Madden Library, Mid August, and The Great Central Valley Exhibition in Fresno,on Sunday August 29.
Contact bridget.fithian@sierrafoothill.org for additional information. This is such a worth while cause. Saving our land to have open areas where we can see nature at it's finest is important to each of us. We are blessed to be living here in the mountains. Many people that will be seeing these paintings live a life surrounded by concrete. Through this art they will have the opportunity to experience the spirit of nature.
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