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Saturday, July 31, 2010

In Honor of 35 Head of Cattle-

No, this is not a quilt.. But, It is something that I painted.. Last year August, 35 head of cattle "leaped" over an abyss into the Fresno River. Because they, the governments that be, divert ( my words, shut off) the Fresno River and divert it to Merced, the cattle were in all stages of dying, because of injuries and lack of water to drink. There was great turmoil as to the jurisdiction of the clean up . In others words who was going to pay for the removal.

I have several skulls in my "stash" and every once in a while I know what I want to paint on them. The one I have in my studio is plain other then feathers and a raven. But this one called for the Bulls eye, turquoise for the river, and honoring them with the sunflower and yellow color.

Yellow denotes happiness and joy, but the other side is cowardice and deceit.
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