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Thursday, June 24, 2010

More Quilt Stores, Quilters Run

I love the use of furniture to make the vignettes. What a perfect piece for display
I love the red door, and flowering geraniums. One of the beauty's of So. Calif. is the beautiful flowers, bougainvilleas and green grass. Our area has all turn golden. Some say brown, but I will stick with a golden California.
I have one of these great display bikes.\Mine has cactus, time to put a flowering bouquet to spruce it up.
One of the stores had taken the patterns that were given out and made this lovely quilt. It only used 12 pattern blocks.. I will have to share this with our quilt store ladies that organize the run here in Central Ca. It would be such fun to make a charm bracelet with all the charms that were given out.. Was really tempted to drive back to So. Cal.. for this week-end.. but have the grand kids visiting.. maybe next year.. it is for two week-ends. My hubby volunteered to drive me from San Diego to Lancaster area.. there are big prizes and wonderful baskets of goodies that some lucky quilter will win.
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