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Monday, June 14, 2010

Little Felt Balls, What do I want?

Aren't they wonderful, little felted balls. Could be strung for a necklace, bracelet or sewn to a quilt, Or I am sure you can think of something different to do with them. I was reading through my emails, between watering out in the hot sun, and visited the Daily Om.

Their question today struck me and made me stop to think.. " The first step in getting to what you want in life is knowing what you want".

Now, how simple is that? or is it? What is my direction?.. Usually I don't like to think too heavily, because it stops my flow for the day. And I sure don't want that.. We are faced with lots of decisions, but what do we want from life.. I don't have the answer.. I hear about the people that started out in life knowing their direction, having a calling. Is that good, can it be disruptive, some don't feel they have a choice. Is it a burden to bear? So I sort of float, enjoying my days, feeling blessed that I can do what I want at that moment.. I can work in my studio, pull weeds, when it is cooler, create my art, play with the animals, hug my cats, pet my dog, enjoy the blue sky's.. Love my hubby, love & hug our kids and grandkids, share with my friends...I am blessed, I have also paid my dues, don't think it has been all white picket fencing and the cute cottage, with abundant flowers.. But I sooooo appreciate the Now.. What more could I want? Now don't get me started on that question!
Enjoy your day, lots of blessings are there.
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